Zhejiang Tanho Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialied in the production,R&D and sales.The head ofice is located in the changhong.

Zon lushiZnNejang Fcunded in 1995,we are professional manudacturer in Electic Power Fitings.especill n aerial overhead lin fiting and insulatin fiting.CompositInsulatorsLightning Arester,Drop-outFuse Cutout Disconnecting Swich Vacum Cirout breakerElectic Toos such power fransmission and distributio products.

The factory ocupes a land area of 203m2, having more tan 5C0 Staifs incluing 5o0 proressional technical people The facoy has ateam of srong techncal foc,advancedcraft.complete inspecion equipment.its comprehensive strength is at the forefont among the domesticounteparts as wel s ranking theto li n expo.taton.our poudtshave passed test by CECP's Power Fitting TestLab,Electic powerindusty elcticl wring and equioment quat test centerErecticpower industy-Eetrcalequpomern.quliytest center and Xi an HV Research Instit .The quaity f al oods is insured by PICC Besides we have passed CE cerficale lSo 3.1 system wth pat of proucts upto someEuropean and American industrially developed countries'level.

Based excellent qualty experienced design &manufacture atiltycomettive pice advanage, /e have sc.d goos o AsiaEurope AmercalMidleEat an Aficz ect,more thn60 countries and areas.

wih standard enerpise managementfrxble operation mechanism and excelent afersales sevice.continuous inncvation,make our company rapidly become one of the mostpotenial and inovation enterprises .The company holds o principle of qualty i lfe,eputation is bas providing customers with igh quaity products and satsfactory.

service.We wamly welcome friends from all over the world to discuss business and cooperate with us for the global power developmen.



TANHO reliabiliy is based on strong product development in cooperation with our customers

Products,which are easy to install,safe,reliable and cost effective

Professional customer tranining and technical support

Continuous laboratory testing in various climatic conditions for electrical and mechanical properties

Products,which meet various intemational standards such as ISO and CE and national standards


Certified quality Utility Networrks factories.have receiced ISO9001

Environmental Management System Certificatio and VBRIFICATION OF LVD CONFORMITY Our highqualityproducts make it possible to construct electricity networkswith a low failure frequency.…..



Aerial Overhead Line Fitting and lnsulating Fitting

Composite Insulators

Lightning Arrester

Drop-Out Fuse Cutout

Disconnecting SwitchVacuum

Circuit BreakerElectric Tools